Interesting Pergola Designs – Cost Effective Ideas to Personalize a Pergola

pergola designs
A garden or backyard can be magically transformed in to a stylized living space with a pergola that matches your personality. If you you are looking for pergola designs that won’t break the bank here are some budget friendly pergola design ideas to do just that. In the end you should have a personalized pergola that is unique and can be proudly shown off to both friends and family.

For the most part, a pergola is a living space constructed on four lengths of timber known as joists. They are usually made from cedar wood and can have trellis made from a variety of materials. The roof of the pergola is a wooden grid that is traditionally open to the skies.

Add some pergola decorations

Now that you have taken care of seating, it time to add stuff that will make people notice the pergola. Pergola decorations like vines and flowers can add color and form to the pergola. It would be prudent to add a trellis that will allow vines to lattice one or two sides of the pergola, making it look elegant.

A quiet nook

Your pergola can be made into a quiet nook by placing suitable patio style furniture. A center table along with some patio seating such as benches and hammocks can transform an ordinary pergola into an impressive one. You can also place your hot tub under the pergola and make it a relaxing hot tub pergola.

hot tub pergola

Paint the pergola

Most often, pergolas come without any paint on the surface of the cedar wood, which could make it look dull over a period of time. You can paint the pergola to brighten it. Choose a color that matches the patio furniture inside the pergola. Make sure to use acrylic paint that will endure the seasons and not damage the vines.

Add flowering plants to the pergola

Spring and summer are a terrific time to spend on your gazebo. Make some patches around the gazebo and fill it up with flowering plants. This will transform the gazebo into a very special place once the flowers bloom. If you are a gardening enthusiast, try landscaping the area around it and the sides of the path leading to it. If you are not sure of the type of flowers to plant, visit your local nursery and ask for a list of suitable varieties conducive to the climate. During the festive season appropriate decorations can be added to match the festivities.

Wedding pergola designs

If you are planning a wedding ceremony a pergola can be transformed in to a beautiful wedding pergola for the bride and groom with just a few personal touches. Use leftover roles of colorful vinyl and paper ribbons along with painted plastic flowers to decorate the place. You can place vases of fresh cut flowers inside. Use your imagination to convert the pergola and make the day even more special for the newly weds.

Wedding pergola designs

Pergolas for all the year round

A pergola can be an enjoyable and individualized living space for use all the year round. You can use it to enjoy a couple of meals with the family in an outdoor environment. If you live in a location where it rains often, add a roof to the pergola to prevent the vagaries of the weather from interrupting its use.

Pergolas with swings

A pergola with a swing can truly transform your outdoor garden setting into a fun filled space. A lot of pergolas are built with a roof and lattice with a swing to accommodate two. Those who do not have sufficient space or do not want to give their yard a crowded look and yet have some fun can always choose a smaller pergola swing.

Pergola with hanging seats

Some pergolas come with hanging chairs instead of regular stationary seating. Hanging seats in the pergola add an element of fun to the living space making them more attractive and enjoyable. These chairs are fixed to the rafters, so make sure that they are positioned well for you to enjoy views of the sunset or even the landscape around your home and beyond.

More pergola designs

It is true that most people who are compelled to stay indoors for a greater part of their lives enjoy the thought of spending some time outdoors. Remember, the outdoors could be your very own backyard with a pergola that is personalized to add a special touch to your surroundings.

There are so many interesting pergola designs that will personalize your pergola without spending too much. Make a plan to decorate your pergola in a way that it blends with the rest of your décor. Pillows, tables, seating and lots of potted plants all around the pergola can truly transform it into a comfort zone that can be enjoyed all year round.

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