10 Reasons Why Gardening is Good for Your Well-Being – Infographic

Summertime approaches, and gardeners all over the world respond to the signals. Out come the rubber boots, the spades and shovels, the garden hose, the cotton gloves and the kneeling pads. It’s time to dig into the soil and get their hands dirty.

You, too, can join the legion of people who “play” in the dirt in order to create beauty or add fresh flavours to their summer meals. Gardening is a club that welcomes all members, whether you’re planting a container or two of flowers on your balcony, or laying out a vegetable garden in your backyard, greenhouse or raised garden bed.

The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening adds colour to our world, but it also offers multiple benefits to the gardener, including an excuse to be out of doors on a lovely summer day. Still not convinced? Here are 10 good reasons to “dig in”:

Benefits of Gardening Infographic

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