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10 Unusual, But Awesome Ways to Use a Gazebo

10 Unusual, But Awesome Ways to Use a Gazebo

ways to use a gazebo Investing in a gazebo may seem a little expensive,. You can only use it in the summers and the rest of the year, it just sits there with no one using it. This does seem like a waste of money but you couldn’t be more wrong. Gazebos can be used all through the year but you’ve got to know how to use them and for what purpose. So get out there, buy a gazebo, and use it all the time in some of the most unusual but awesome ways. Tip #1 – Turn it into an Outdoor Movie Theater As your gazebo is already set up, you can easily convert it into a home theater. Haul your TV, CD system, and extra speakers out to the gazebo and set them up or just buy another entertainment set (flat screen, sound bar) that you can cover up and seal when not in use. Once the theater is running, organize a party with your friends and family to see the latest 3D movie, host a sports night, or even watch your favorite show in this new exotic entertainment area you have created for yourself and your family. There is a chance that adverse weather like rain or heavy winds may prevent you from using the gazebo but you can invest in heavy-duty PVC solid walls to keep the gazebo interior warm and secure. Or you can just use the gazebo when the weather is not as turbulent. Mother Nature does not show her fury every winter night or weekend. Tip #2 – Temporary Shelter If you have a moveable gazebo, you can easily move it about to provide temporary shelter to your vehicles in a hot summer. Set up the gazebo in your driveway or on the pavement and park your car in the cool shade. Tip#3 – Set up a Greenhouse Do your bit for the environment by setting up a small garden in your gazebo. During the winter months, set up a small garden of seasonal vegetables like potatoes, onions, chilies, aubergines, etc. Don’t forget to invest solid or flexible plastic walls to keep the gazebo interior warm and humid. With the right heaters, you can easily have a comfortable supply of fresh veggies through the entire winter. Tip #4 – Set up a Pop-up Shop Do you have a small business? Use your temporary gazebo as a pop up shop by setting it up in parking lots, at fairs, and in popular shopping areas. You might require a license or a permit but it’s a salient way to raise awareness about your business in your locality with minimum investment. Tip #5 – Charity Drives Charity drives are a tremendous way to collect food, money, and clothes for the less-privileged. If you have a portable gazebo, set it up near a church, a hospital, or at any events and promote your charity drive. With the right gazebo, you can attract walker-bys into your gazebo and encourage their attention to your favorite charity. After all, any kind of contribution can make a huge difference for any non-profit organization. Tip #6 – Temporary Storage Are you renovating your home? Or will you have to vacate your home for a few days due to a pest defogging? Use the gazebo as a temporary residence or a place to temporarily store your possessions. This is possible during the summer. However, you may need extra protection during the rains and the winter. In these adverse conditions, make sure you have solid PVC walls to provide temperature control and to protect you and your belongings from rough winds. Tip #7 – Use it as a Team Building Exercise For seminar organizers, team exercises are a sterling way to encourage a feeling of community. Building something together is a fantastic way to encourage team unity and gazebos are perfect for this. At a company seminar, you can divide your colleagues into teams and then set a contest. The team that sets up their gazebo the first wins a prize. This kind of team-exercise encourages unity and ensures team intercommunication and a better work ethic. Of course, you can also set up the gazebo as outdoor seating areas at your business seminar or as outdoor snack area at business luncheons or events. Tip #8 – Jazz Up Your Child’s Birthday Party  Children love having fun birthday parties. If you already have a temporary gazebo, set up a mime event, a puppet show, or a magic show in the gazebo and keep your kids entertained all through the party. You can rent two more gazebos and hire a temporary tattoo artist, an arts and crafts teacher, etc. and your kiddie guests will have a wonderful time. Tip #9 – Giveaways If you have a business, a gazebo is a wonderful way to advertise your business in the locality. Created logo-covered gazebos and give them out as freebies to your vendors. You can also give them away to customers who have made purchases in your store or to those customers who won simple daily contests. Tip #10 – Beach Parties If you’ve organized beach parties, you know that it can be quite windy and chilly at night. For temporary protection, set up a gazebo on the beach and stock it with lounges, rocking chairs, and rugs to relax on. As you can see, when it comes to relaxing outside, a gazebo is the perfect getaway. Just sit back in the gazebo in complete comfort in the shelter provided multi-purpose investment.
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