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How to Add Water Features to Your Backyard Garden

How to Add Water Features to Your Backyard Garden

Water is the ultimate source of life and every living being requires it. Water is also very soothing. The sound of falling of water or a standing bowl of water is so peaceful. Adding a water feature in your backyard garden will not only benefit the flora and fauna, but also your soul. Many people avoid adding a water feature in their backyard because they assume it is difficult and requires a lot of effort and time. On the contrary, there are some simple ways to add water to your garden – here are a few of those ways.

Concrete Basins Shaped Like a Leaf

Invest in concrete basins that are shaped like a leaf. This design will blend nicely with your garden. Place the basins strategically amid lush greenery. You can even add fish to the basin if you like, you can get fish that live in stagnant water and eat up any mosquito larvae that thrive in the water. These will keep the water clean as well. You can also add a few floating plants like a lotus. backyard Place terracotta pavers under the basin to create a supporting platform. Make the platform large enough to hold the basin as well as other potted plants. You can place ferns and flowering plants around the basin to make your own little oasis. Don’t be surprised if birds, dragonflies, and frogs make their home around the concrete basin.

Rectangular Pond

If you have the time, create a small rectangular pond in your garden. The pond will become the focal point, so landscape your garden around the pond. You don’t always have to add Koi to the pond, but you can if you wish. One of the best ways to decorate your pond is by placing a few boulders in it. If you are doing this, aerate the water with a pump so that the boulders or stones do not get mossy. Then add a few turtles. You can sit back and enjoy the turtles basking in the sun while the dragonflies play hide-and-seek with the shimmering and reflecting water. Be creative with your landscaping. You can create a tropical paradise by planting tropical plants in the backdrop of the pond. Place other green and flowering plants around the pond. If you want to hear the music of flowing water, just add a bubbler to the pond. You will be in heaven each time you hear the tinkling sound that the water makes. You can even add a small pump to create the sound that flowing water makes. If you live on a busy street, this is an excellent idea as it will drown the noise of the traffic. The pond can function as a reflecting pool where you can sit down and watch the clouds mirrored in the water. Just staring in the water will rejuvenate you and also give you answers you seek.

Backyard Birdbath

If you are not the type to go through the motions of installing a pond, don’t worry. You can press the button for a simple birdbath. You will find birdbaths in any garden store in your neighborhood. Just place it strategically, preferably in a place where you can view it from your windows. It will be soothing to see the shimmering water or watch the birds frolic in the water. You can frame the birdbath with some contrasting potted plants to add more color and dimension to the area. You can accent the birdbath with some oak-leaf hydrangea, if you like. Or, toss in a few glass balls, they will float in the water and create beautiful reflections each time sun rays hit them. Place miniature fruit plants around the birdbath so that birds have plenty to eat. Also, these miniature fruit plants will give the area the look and feel of an oasis.

Copper Urn

Place a copper urn in one corner of your garden under the shade of a tree and fill it up with water. If you like, you can grow plants hydroponically in the water. Install a bench near the urn so that you can sit down and read your favorite book in the shade or just enjoy the soothing water and the wildlife it attracts. Surround the urn with ferns to create a tropical rainforest in your backyard. You will be amazed how something as simple as a water feature can also help keep the temperature down in your garden.

The Bottom Line

Adding a water feature is not that difficult and whether you live in an urban or rural area, it should be an integral part of your outdoor living space. Water has magical qualities and properties, and you will be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel after spending a little time near your water feature. So go ahead and use these simple tips to install your water element.
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