Be a Tremendous Backyard DIYer in 8 Easy Steps

Be a tremendous backyard DIY'er in 8 easy steps
Working with your hands can be intensely satisfying. Most hardcore DIYers love to rework their backyard as it acts as a showcase of their skills. However, renovating your backyard is not a small job. It requires planning, design, plumbing, gardening, and so on. If you are an avid DIYer, you already know this but take a good look around your backyard.

You might have started the project but do you see something wrong?  Do you see several projects left in different stages of completion? Are you finding that you lose interest in your DIY projects midway? Doing maintenance or DIY projects on your backyard can be a prudent way to save money. However, to be an effective backyard DIYer, you have to be smart and resourceful or you will end up wasting your time and possibly have an eyesore to look at until you fix the unfinished idea.

Here is what you can do to be an effective backyard DIYer

Step #1 – Evaluate Your Space

Before you even move a stone in your backyard, you have to assess the amount of space available for different uses. For example, your child may want a part of the backyard as a play area, while your spouse may want his barbeque and outdoor workout spot, and you may be yearning for a small lounge and fire pit to relax with friends and family. As a result, start your backyard remodelling by measuring the space available for this endeavor.

DIY backyard project plan

couple planning backyard project

Step # 2 – Know Your Parameters

It’s easy to lose yourself in details and dreams but local rules will definitely limit your dreams. For example, if you live in a community, you may have to follow home-owner association rules and regulations. Zoning and building codes may also be applicable on your backyard. All these parameters seriously limit any type of backyard remodelling. Make sure you have planned for everything you want in your project and stick to these parameters.

Step #3 – Budget

Over the last five years, statistics have shown that US home-owners spent more than $10,419 on their backyard renovation projects. Spending varies according to the type and expansion of the project. As a DIYer, you will be saving most of your labor costs but you will have to pay for materials. In that case, you have to plan your project, estimate what materials you require and budget accordingly.

Step #4 – Design

Once you know what your family members want in the backyard, you can plan accordingly. Try the architectural style of your home to the outdoor area as well. Using too many design accents will just extend the timeline of the project. As a result, stick to the basics like a fire pit in one area, a seating area, a small play area for your child and an outdoor gazebo. If you require more features, you can easily add them later on.

Step #5 – Plan Your Project and Start Working

Once the backyard design is ready, it’s time to plan and execute your project. Create timelines and stick to them to ensure that you complete on time. In case you fall behind, evaluate your timeline and reassess accordingly. Before starting subsequent parts of your project, make sure you stock up on the raw materials and then start working. Try to give at least three to five hours daily to your project to ensure that the renovation is completed on time.

Step #6 – Landscaping

The aim of designing your own backyard is to create a relatively fuss-free garden space. Invest in attractive but hardy plants and shrubs to prevent problems and pests. Don’t forget to bring in planters, pots, creepers, and flowers to make nooks and crannies seem interesting.

Step #7 – Call in Professionals

Not everyone is an all-rounder. Assess your own skills and call in a professional to deal with areas that you cannot manage. You can call in a professional at any time during the DIY process and pay them a consulting fee. For example, call in a landscape designer, a gardener, a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, or other professionals as needed for a consultation or to work on parts of your DIY project.

Step #8 – Choose the Furniture

Your backyard is ready. The landscaping is in place and you are ready to enjoy what you have created. It’s time to add tables, chairs, lighting, and any other accessories such as a pergola that you want to finally make your backyard ready for use.

Well, now that you know how to start and what to do, what are you waiting for? Make sure you stick to your budget and plan your backyard remodelling details as much as possible. If you do so, you will complete your backyard renovation in time and within budget. With rigorous planning and hard work, you could be relaxing in a gorgeous, green backyard by next summer.

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