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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify Outdoor Living Today within 30 days after receiving the product of any broken or missing pieces. Failure to do so will void our obligation to send parts out free of charge. If you cannot confirm that all pieces are intact and in good shape within the allotted time, it is the purchasers obligation to inform Outdoor Living Today of your situation so a longer grace period can be arranged. It is the purchaser’s soul responsibility to check with your local municipal or county regarding by-laws before ordering this product to confirm it complies with any local building codes.
  2. Purchaser will agree to accept all financial responsibility for demurrage and rerouting costs if shipping location is changed after product is shipped from our premises.
  3. Shipment method/procedure must be confirmed at time of order. Purchaser should be aware that all Freight is prepaid to destination areas regularly serviced by our carrier, to be confirmed at time of order processing. No additional freight charges should be paid to delivering carrier unless Purchasers alters or changes any prior arrangements. In most cases the delivering carrier will bill the purchaser directly but in certain situations where this is impossible or unrealistic, Outdoor Living Today will re-invoice or bill your account for any additional freight charges we incur.
  4. Please note that we cannot deliver to certian areas without the help of a freight forwarder. This is due to the extraoridnary high costs of shipping to these areas. If you wish to ship to any of the following areas, please give us a call, and we would be glad to try and assist you. -Alaska -Hawaii -Puerto Rico -US Virgin Islands -Martha’s Vineyards -Key West, FL -Labrador -Nunavut -Yukon -Prince Edward Island
  5. On Standard Motor Freight Deliveries, Outdoor Living Today strongly recommends that Purchasers contact our Delivering Carriers local terminal to make delivery appointment after we have informed the Purchaser that freight has been shipped from our premises. Outdoor Living Today will provide the Purchaser with both tracking and contact #’s for your convenience.
  6. Purchaser should inspect freight prior to unloading and document any damage on provided Shipping Document “BILL OF LADING” provided by the delivering carrier. Failure to do so could result in delays in rectifying any problems you may encounter regarding freight damage mitigation.
  7. For Standard Motor Freight Deliveries (Shipments delivered by Semi-Trailer Truck or similar type vehicle and offloaded by Purchaser), a complete description of how the freight is delivered and what will be required by the purchaser is listed below:
    • * Shipments will be delivered to or as close to the Purchasers property line and or Driveway provided the location is deemed assessable by the delivering carrier.
    • * It is the Purchasers responsibility to inform Outdoor Living Today at time of purchase of any unusual or difficult location or delivery issues so arrangement can be made.
    • * Purchasers could incur additional shipping costs depending on the Purchasers situation.
    • * The delivering freight carrier is not obligated to assist the Purchaser with unloading of freight in anyway.
    • * Purchaser will be expected to cut metal strapping holding freight together and therefore will require the use of wire cutters. It is strongly recommended that the Purchaser have at least 2 assistants to help offload freight from truck.
    • * Purchasers should be aware that although total freight could be over 2000 lbs, units will be broken down into individual pieces and components ranging between 1- 100lbs that should be manageable in most situations.
    • * Purchaser will be given a reasonable time frame to unload freight from truck ranging between 15-30 minutes.

Refund Policy

  • In the case where a shopper mistakenly purchases a product or uses the wrong credit card, Outdoor Living Today may consider a full refund of your money. This is up to the discretion of our credit department.
  • Purchasers who submit Orders through Outdoor Living Today and subsequently cancel their order prior to shipping will be subjected to a $100 USD Charge Back. This is an administrative charge and any outstanding balance will be reimbursed immediately. Order cancellations must be submitted to our Customer Service Department.

Please contact:

Outdoor Living Today

C/O Credit Department

9393 – 287th Street

Maple Ridge, B.C.

Canada, V2W 1L1

Ph# 1-604-462-1658

Fax# 1-604-462-5333

email: sales@outdoorlivingtoday.com

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