Of “She Sheds” and “Ma-am Caves”

She Shed
Man caves are passé. The fairer sex now are getting their creative juices going to design their own personal spaces. Apparently the inside of the entire home was not enough!

After all and furthermore, it’s not only the men who need the peace and quiet of a retreat. Fueled by the popular interest generated on Pinterest women all over are excited by the idea of a “she shed”. It’s the perfect place to get away from the drill of daily chores and family responsibilities.

A little time out helps to recharge your batteries, clear your mind, and boost that motivation before getting back to the grind. Your backyard shed need not be a just old room that you generally use for storage anymore. “She sheds” are a fantastic reflection of your personality. Your imagination is the limit to create a place that defines you. There are endless ways to let out your girly decorating fantasies that you couldn’t fulfill in your house.

It’s not about running away from anything, everyone needs time for themselves and women running a family hardly have any time or space of their own. The basic idea is that no one except you is allowed in. Some women find that having this little hideout helps them emotionally and gives them a sense of stability and control. It’s no surprise as it provides an opportunity to pursue their interests. It’s a fantastic thing in a world where so many compromises are made by women for the sake of family.

What You can do in Your She Shed/Ma-Am Cave

Use your imagination to convert it into your perfect getaway. If you are artistically inclined or you work from home or take up projects, you can use it as a place to focus and get into the zone. If you are a painter you can use it to make a gallery of sorts and house all your artwork as well as use it as a painting space. Stock it with books if you are a bookworm and escape into the literary world.

Some people have chosen to use their backyard sheds as eateries and pubs. It’s also a fantastic place to just chill out with a cup of tea, or some wine if you prefer, and unwind. A rendezvous with your old girlfriends can be so much fun here. Some women just use it as a place to find peace, meditate on the questions of life, and find their old selves.

What you use your shed for is totally your choice. The best part is that you have your retreat a stone’s throw away.


Use Your Imagination

Always wanted to decorate your room in pink and lace but found it too girly for the tastes of your family? If you are a DIY aficionado then you will love doing up your shed. Freedom to decorate is completely unhindered. Paint it white for a Victorian look, personalize it with memories from your past, reuse and give new life to old unused furniture. This is this perfect opportunity to go green and recycle all those odd things lying around.

Love gardening? Cover it with flowering creepers, put pots of flowers on the window sill, and make a nice walkway leading to it. Paint the walls, hang lanterns, and wind chimes, light it up with some soft golden lighting. The whole idea is to let yourself loose and create a blissful haven for yourself.

Think your old shed is too worn out? Think again. Old sheds are brilliant chance to bring out that rustic look. All it needs is a little sprucing up. Install large windows and paint them white. Plant some bright tulips or the like around it. Build a sit-out and hang out some lamps. Have a bird bath. If you need any ideas, take inspiration from what other people have done but toss in some of your own ideas as well.

Getting Started

You are lucky if you already have a backyard shed. Now all you need to do is to set it up to your liking. Giving it a fresh coat of paint is what makes it come alive again. Decide what you would like to do with the space and have a wonderful time decorating it.

You can always build your own backyard shed. There are a lot of DIY shed options available. Your shed need not be made only out of wood. Having a glamping tent is a sterling low cost alternative to the shed if your budget is tight.

Happy Times

These sheds make a magnificent place to host an outdoor party from. It provides the perfect ambiance for birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings.

It’s a majestic place to enjoy your garden from as well too. Spend evenings here watching the rain with some biscuits and tea or just staring out of the window. Make it your own happy place. Sort of like those magical places we always read about. “She sheds” are not really meant as a response to man caves. It just fulfills a very real need for women to tune out of the stress of everyday life.

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