Shed Organization: Storage Solutions for Your Shed

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Shed Organization: Storage Solutions for Your Shed

Shed Organization: Storage Solutions for Your Shed

shed organization Your garden shed sometimes ends up looking like a junkyard where you simply store items that you can’t find an appropriate place for anywhere else in your home or probably garage. In all that mess, you probably won’t be able to locate that trusty trowel you’ve been searching for, or that rake that you just can’t seem to find, meaning that you will find it easier to just head to the store and buy a new one. If your shed is beginning to look like a chaotic mess, it may be the right time to get into shed organization. The end of summer is a great time to clean out and organize your shed. Here are some handy tips to make your shed organization project a breeze.

First Step: Empty out Your Shed

The very first thing to do is empty out your shed of all its contents. Your lawn will probably look like you are about to call the neighborhood over for a yard sale, but it is important to know what items you have in your shed, which ones are critical and which ones are causing the chaos and need to be dumped. Remember, you need to be brutal when it comes to sorting out items that need to get the boot. There is no place for sentimentality in a cleaning job. There is no reason to keep that beat-up planter just because it was the first one you ever bought for your home. Bear in mind that the ultimate goal for your storage shed organization project is to create a space where you store the right items the right way for easy, year-round access.

Getting Started with Shed Organization: Give it a Clean Sweep

Once all your items have been laid out in your lawn, clean your shed out by sweeping the floor and dusting the walls and shelves. Next, sort out all the items you have extracted from your shed into groups such as planters, gardening supplies, cords, chemicals, and so on. how to organize a shed If you have too many duplicates of a certain item, they need to go. Anything that has been rusted or is broken and you haven’t gotten around to repairing them yet also needs to be thrown out. If there are a few items that can be recycled, keep them in a separate pile.

How to Organize a Shed: Evaluate the Space You Have

Now that you have a fair idea as to what you have, you must move on to evaluate how much space you have in your gardener shed, and whether it is enough to fit in all those items or not. Remember that all the items you use frequently should be easily accessible and need to be stored up front and possibly near the door of the shed.

Shed Organization Ideas: Store Smart

The back of your shed door is a space that is often unutilized and is almost always bare. You could try nailing a few hooks onto the back of your door so that you can hang up your tools such as hedge sears, hand rakes, and small saws. This helps to protect the blades from damaging other tools and extend their life. Be sure to hang them on the lower part of the door so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. You can attach a plastic accordion trellis to the inside of your other door to hold other gardening tools, spray nozzles, and small tools. Choose a position that best suits your needs. You can store other seasonal items such as bulbs and seeds on higher shelves, considering you won’t really need them as frequently. When it comes to storing bulbs, be sure to group them based on the family they belong to. For instance, you can store onions, garlic, and potatoes along with turnip, lily, and canna bulbs in the same bins. Remember to stick a label on them so you know what’s in the bin and when it is time to plant them. shed organization ideas Use clear plastic shoe boxes to store plant markets, twine, and hand tools. Keep these at eye level so all it takes is a glance to know what’s in there. Remember to label here too! Create some room at the back of your shed for long-handed tools such as shovels and rakes. If you have some extra space, you can use hooks screwed onto the wall to hang any medium-length tools. You can even throw in a few lightweight tools into a pair of tall rubber boots. A clear plastic bag is a fabulous place to store gloves, seed packers, and miscellaneous hand tools. For an aesthetic appeal, hang up a wicker basket for all your what-nots.

Last but Not Least: Untangle Your Hose

A hose, if left on the lawn, tends to become entangled over time or can be a hazard to a lawn mower. To keep it tangle-free and off the ground, attach a strong holder to the outside of your shed, closest to the tap. This is especially handy if you need to rinse off your muddy boots before you put them back in your new and improved shed or before you walk inside your home.
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