How to Build a She Shed

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How to Build a She Shed

How to Build a She Shed

“She sheds” allow women to escape to their own personal private retreats, without leaving home. A quiet place where women can leave their stressful lives at the door and take part in activities that they enjoy.

What is a “She shed”?

A “She shed” is a separate room detached from the home about the size of a large shed. Like the man cave, “She sheds” are intended to offer a room one can escape to; a quiet place for women to leave their stressful lives at the door and enjoy their favorite activities. However, unlike the man cave, the “She shed” is designed for women. While some women transform their existing backyard sheds into their private retreat, others chose to buy a DIY shed kit to create the “She shed” of their dreams. For a quick overview of how women use “She sheds”, check out the infographic below. She-sheds
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What can you use your “She shed” for?

The opportunities of what you can do with your “She shed” are countless. Women have been customizing their “She sheds” into a dream office, tea room, art studio, music studio or even yoga studio, or simply a place to enjoy a glass of wine with your friends. There is no need to have everyone in your house when you entertain! The “She shed” is another extension of your home. It adds another dimension. Decorating a “She shed” is fun. She Shed Kits mean you don’t need to spend a fortune – the main idea is to create a space that feels relaxed and cozy. Flea markets and antique shops often offer unexpected finds. Relaxing in a “She shed” is very different from sitting and reading in your house, where you’re inevitably looking around thinking to wash the windows, do the laundry, dusting – a never ending list. In a “She shed” don’t have those distractions.

Why build a “She shed”?

“She sheds” are an affordable way of adding on to your home. They are fast to build, and can give women the peace, quiet and privacy that they need. There are many shapes and styles to choose from – rustic, urban modern, playful – and some owners even add more comfort by installing upgrades such as air conditioning, skylights, custom windows and doors…everything but plumbing.

A woman’s space – The history

The idea of women having a private dwelling space dates back hundreds of years to what was once called a Bower. Nowadays, professional women with home based businesses attribute “She sheds” directly to their success as they help balance work and home life. A stunning 80% of women would like to have their own “She shed”. 51% of people think of a man cave as a space with technology and darkness versus 37% of people who described a “She shed” as a pretty, light room dedicated to work and relaxation.

What size should I build and what material?

Always check with your city for permit requirements. Many places allow shed-sized backyard structures without a building permit. Simply make sure that you stay within the permitted setbacks and height limits. If you are planning on having electricity in your “She shed,” then a permit for electrical wiring is probably necessary. As for materials for your “She shed” go with real wood, not plastic, steel or chipboard. Cedar is an excellent choice – not only for looks.

She Shed Kits or Conversion? How do I get started?

Here are seven steps to creating your own “She shed”: 1. Clean out your old backyard shed—or get a cedar-shed-kit to build a new one. 2. Give your shed a fresh coat of paint or stain. 3. Define the purpose of your shed. 4. Search flea markets and antique shops for unique finds. 5. Surround yourself with nature. 6. Create an inviting entryway. 7. Make sure your shed is a reflection of yourself.
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