Pursuits for a Pergola

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Pursuits for a Pergola

Pursuits for a Pergola

Pursuits for a pergola Pergolas covered with the weight of a creeping Bougainvillea bring memories of a time where everything was much slower. A pergola is meant as a place to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the shade provided by the creeping vines and the heady scent of the flowers. It is probably the oldest surviving garden fixture till date. Pergola originates from the Latin word pergula which refers to a projecting eave. They are an evolution of the popular green-ways which are formed by intertwining vines in an arc. Pergolas are a much more sturdy and lasting structure. Historically they are made from natural materials like wood and stone. There are two types of pergolas, free standing pergolas and pergolas which are attached to a wall.

A Pergola Entrance

Pergolas make an entrance frame effect that nothing else can achieve. It adds a bit of romanticism and grandeur to your home. Not only does it serve as a visual treat but it also doubles as a shaded walkway. A place where your pets will enjoy a relaxing nap in the shade. It also serves as a space for all your shade loving potted plants. You, your family and your guests will be welcomed by the sweet scent emanating from your pergola plants. Hosting a large function and don’t have enough space within the house? Your entrance pergola walkway will serve as a perfect space providing shade and comfort.

Pergola Barbecue Point

Pergolas offer the perfect place for those who love outdoor cooking. It makes barbecuing under it’s shade on a sunny day an enjoyable experience. Barbecuing is an inherently outdoor activity and having a place for your guests to sit and enjoy the marvelous food is especially convenient. However, care must be taken for safety and make sure not to place the grill close to any flammable elements. Its outdoor ambiance and the shade it provides make it a wonderful place to host a barbecue party with friends.

Pergola Sit Outs

Spend your evenings in your pergola with a cup of tea and some snacks. You can admire your garden in comfort here and have long conversations with friends and neighbors. Do you have many formal visitors and don’t want the privacy of your house compromised? Your pergola can provide you a lovely comfortable place to meet them.

Pergola Wedding

Many people who want to have a private, meaningful quiet wedding choose to have it under pergolas. It can be decorated in numerous ways and easily lends to different styles. It offers an exceedingly romantic vibe. Hollywood has celebrated so many pergola weddings that it has become the fantasy of every young girl to be married outdoors under a pergola, be it on the beach-side, a pleasant meadow or a garden. It is extremely picturesque offers and the perfect frame for all your wedding photography.

Shaded Walkway Pergola

Often many resorts and hotels with large sprawling gardens use a series of pergolas to create a shaded walkway. This is a beautiful and convenient way for providing easy access between different buildings without having to expose the guest to the harsh sun. It does offer some rain protection also. Not to mention the cost effectiveness of creating a living and growing shaded walkway. All it requires is a little trimming and general plant care as maintenance. These pergola walkways are extremely beautiful and become a significant feature in the garden landscape. It is very popular among guests who love to take romantic walks down them along with their significant other.

Pergolas as a Garden Element

Pergolas create a look of nature combining with human-made objects by blurring the line between architecture and landscape. A pergola fixture in your garden will be a central piece of focus and attention. It is the perfect place for hanging pots of orchids. Get creative by planting a medley of creepers that flower at different times to have a pergola that is almost always covered with flowers.

Pergolas in Parks and Public Garden

Public parks and gardens are often interspersed with several pergolas. These serve as a landscaping feature, provide shade and places of rest. Often these also serve as a place to host community events like an awareness campaign or a community fair. It serves as a focal point where people can gather around for a purpose.

Pergolas are Romantic

Break the routine of everyday life by arranging for a romantic dinner with your partner under a pretty pergola. It can be the perfect location for a date night. Hang out streaming lights. Light soft candles and white curtains that blow in the wind. Put on some soft music for a quiet slow dance in the cool night breeze. It’s the perfect place for a romantic proposal. Surprising your partner by going down on one knee to propose under a creatively decorated pergola will etch the memory of that special day forever.
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