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Custom Retractable Canopies for Just About Any Pergola

Custom Retractable Canopies for Just About Any Pergola

Have a beautiful pergola and want to make it 100% more functional? We can custom manufacture a retractable canopy to fit your pergola kit in just 3 easy steps.

*The maximum width for any of our custom retractable kits can only be 157 inches however we can manufacture up to 26 feet in length.

Typically it takes 2-4 weeks to manufacture and ship your custom pergola retractable canopy kit to your residence.

Product Description

Outdoor Living Today manufacturers our own Pergola Retractable Canopies using our unique Patent Pending design.

Our unique patented design allows the canopy fabric material (Harbor Time) to run smoothly between two outside tracks. Structural rods or “Wings” hold the fabric in place. Each wing has independently tensioned wheels on each end that move in and out between the tracks to ensure the canopy retracts and extends smoothly and easily. All tracks and wing components are black anodized aluminum which do not rust over time.

Simple to install and easy to maintain makes for a great experience.

Best of all, our Retractable Canopies were designed to fit not just our cedar pergola Breeze kits but will fit almost any other pergola made on the market today.

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  • Manual Pull System
  • Driftwood (Beige) Color Only
  • Harbor Time Fabric from Glenraven
  • Waterproof with 8 year warranty (no fade)
  • Resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Tracks and Wings
  • Manual Pull Handle is used for opening and closing canopy
  • Hardware Included
  • Canopy Requires Assembly
  • 2 hours to install (2 people)
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Liftgate Delivery


If you ordered a liftgate delivery:

The driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, place it on the liftgate, lower it to the ground and place it next to the truck.

  • Use the plastic shipping tarp to cover and protect your pieces until you are ready start your project. When finished using it for this…repurpose it!
  • If liftgated down, take a minute or two to cut the straps and pull off the tarp. Check for corner damages, wood chips, sharp cuts and gauges in the product and if the pallet is broken.

Hand Offload Only:

Customer offload pergola

If you did NOT order Liftgate Delivery, you will have to hand offload:

The driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, cut the straps and hand the pieces down to you.  Most individual pieces weigh no more than 30-50 lbs.

  • There is a time limit of 15-20 free minutes so it is best to have someone there to assist you.
  • If hand offloading, briefly check all the pieces as they are handed to you.
  • Click to watch our hand offloading video

On the Day of the Delivery

  • On the morning of the delivery, call the carrier to confirm your shipment is on schedule. Carriers typically deliver between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. – make sure you are present or have someone available to receive the shipment.
  • Make sure your delivery location is easily accessible to the truck and driver. Move vehicles if necessary. Drivers are not allowed to deliver freight that they deem dangerous to themselves or that may damage your property etc.

When the Truck Arrives:

  • While the unit is still in the truck, confirm the shipping label has your name, address and is the correct product. If not, call us immediately.


  • At the time of delivery, DO NOT SIGN until you have inspected the freight! Look inside the truck to make sure the unit is not damaged before unloading.
  • Occasionally the driver will be in a rush and want you to sign quickly. It is your right to take a few minutes to inspect the freight.
  • If you notice any damages, please make the notation ‘damaged’ on the delivery receipt upon signing for the receipt of the goods. Take pictures of anything you think looks like damage, including the pallet and call our Customer support line at 1-888-658-1658.
  • If there is damage, it is usually quicker and easier to send replacement pieces.
  • It is our policy to replace any broken or damaged pieces immediately and to your satisfaction if this notation is shown on the proof of delivery on the carrier’s copy.
  • RememberYou do not have to accept the freight! If your freight shows catastrophic damage, ie – not on a pallet or with multiple pieces broken and sticking out and without our plastic wrap, you can refuse the delivery. Please call our customer support line at 1-888-658-1658 immediately so we can advise you how to proceed.

For a more detailed read: How to Receive Big Package Deliveries Over 150 lbs

Delivery Times and Delays

  • The time it takes to do home deliveries can be unpredictable.
  • Traffic and weather can cause delays.
  • Morning appointments are usually met, however it is possible that afternoon deliveries may be delivered late or not at all that day.
  • If you are concerned, contact the carrier terminal to make sure they are on schedule.
  • When making your initial appointment, request a morning appointment if possible. You can also enquire if the carrier does weekend deliveries.
  • Be sure to ask for a weekend contact and phone number.

Happy Receiving!

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