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Bird Netting Covers for Raised Garden Beds

Bird Netting Covers for Raised Garden Beds

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For our customers who have already purchased one of our Raised Garden Beds we offer additional options to best suit your needs. Are you looking for a Bird netting Cover to solve your problem with uninvited aerial guests?

Please Note: That our covers are only designed to work on our Raised Garden Bed products, and will not work on any third-party garden products.


Bird Netting Covers for Raised Garden Beds

For our customers who have already purchased one of our Raised Garden Beds we offer additional options to best suit your needs.

Are you having unanticipated problems with Aerial pests? We understand that life happens sometimes, and so we offer you the ability to add on a Bird netting cover after the fact so you can continue to enjoy your raised garden bed.

If you have already ordered a Raised garden bed from us you simply need to choose the corresponding size of your garden to get the correct cover, and make sure to choose ‘with frame’ in the options to ensure you are properly able to mount the net.

If you have already ordered a raised garden bed from us with our greenhouse covers please note that you too can add a Bird netting cover as they utilize the exact same frame. This allows you to swap the covers at your own convenience/ need.

(Please note that these units are not compatible with the Deer Fence Kits and the deer fence would have to be removed in order to upgrade to the frame and cover set.)

Please note: The frame is hunter green, not black, as shown in some pictures.


Whether you are looking for a Bird Netting Cover to protect against aerial pests, or perhaps some other pesky creatures, we have you covered year round.

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  • Bird Netting Cover
  • Access to the inside through a doorway with a closing zipper
  • Stong 1 in. diameter powder-coated metal framing compatible with both covers
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble Keeps out birds, dogs, and other pesky critters
  • Kit uses marine grade hinges that do not rust
  • All hardware included
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