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Go Green with OLT
There are many ways you can help the environment while getting the most out of your garden. Choosing Garden Sheds, Storage Sheds, Western Red Cedar Pergolas and Gazebos from sustainably produced wood
The Western Red Cedar Advantage
Unsurpassed natural beauty. Centuries of proven performance. Environmentally friendly. Naturally resistant to decay and insects. Accepts a wide range of finishes. Made entirely with renewable resources
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OLT's Commitment to Safety
We think that companies that place value on safety are also reliable, predictable and efficient. Preventing incidents ensures an organization is in control of its processes, thus improving reliability and quality, while reducing worksite injuries.

About OLT

At Outdoor Living Today we strive to create Gardens, Gazebos, Sheds, Playhouses and Pergolas that are functional, durable, attractive, and above all, affordable for our customers. Our products are designed so that the average person with limited building skills and tools can assemble them with ease. OLT is a member of the Waldun Group.

Established in 1974, The Waldun Group is comprised of the: Waldun Forest Products Partnership, one of the world’s largest cedar roofing mills; Stave Lake Cedar Mill, a premium sidewall shingle mill; Twin Rivers Cedar Products, a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) member sawmill; and Outdoor Living Today.

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Greg Bailey

Greg is a partner at Outdoor Living Manufacturing Ltd. He has been in the forest industry for over 30 years and an owner at OLM for over 10 years. He attended British Columbia Institute of Technology and graduated from Wood Products Manufacturing with a focus on marketing in 1991.

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Ute Faber

Ute has been managing the Customer Service Department at Outdoor Living Manufacturing Ltd for 8 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, and home renovating and design projects which help her with a variety of customer questions.

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Pam Drocholl

Pam has been the Office Administrator at Outdoor Living Manufacturing for 10 years now.
She enjoys time with her family, volunteering, kayaking, hiking and reading in her spare time.

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James Rogers

James is OLT's marketing guy. He brings over 20 years experience in online and offline marketing. James enjoys time with his family and is an award winning musician.

Old-fashioned Customer Service

Many people think of internet businesses as cold, and distant, but at OLT, we think a phone call is still extremely important. Many of our customers still want to pick up the phone and talk directly to one of our friendly staff members. In fact, all customers who purchase from OLT will receive a phone call from us.

We believe that when shopping online, is paired with the good old-fashioned values of customer service, the experience is not only more convenient, but smoother too.

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