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10 Must have Backyard Projects for the Consummate DIY’er

10 Must have Backyard Projects for the Consummate DIY’er

backyard projects You have a large independent home and an even larger backyard. One of the advantages of having a home like this is that you can customize it anyway you want. Before you start complaining about expenditure, you should know that you can personalize your home in a day with a few simple DIY projects. You don’t have to be an expert craftsmen to do these few projects that we’ve listed. So go ahead, here are 10 of the best and simplest DIY backyard projects that you can try out. DIY Project#1 – Fire Pits   What’s an outdoor space without a barbeque? With a bag of cement, about fifty bricks and a metal fire pit, your outdoor barbeque/ fire pit is ready to go. There are several fire pit designs available online but the DIY tutorial from Lowe’s appears to be the simplest and easiest one for a novice DIYer. DIY Project# 2 – Recycled Table and Chairs With a little imagination you can make tables and chairs from almost any kind of flat raised material. Browse local salvage yards for strong wood like wooden pallets, wooden crates, and so on. To make a table from the pallets, just attach four wooden chairs or screw on readymade table legs from a hardware store. Place a tinted, shatter-resistant glass sheet on top of the pallet and your table is ready. For a slightly more difficult project, you will have to deconstruct the wooden crates, and then reuse the wood to make tables and chairs. Chairs are just as easy to make from wooden cartons, plastic cartons, and cement blocks. DIY Project# 3 – Herb Gardens Herb gardens are ridiculously easy to make. Create a stacked herb garden by placing smaller pots on top of larger ones in a terraced pattern. You don’t even have to use pots, since you can repurpose cracked kitchen containers to create your herb tower. Fill the tower with soil and fertilizer and plant your favorite herbs. It takes a month or so for shoots to appear but once your garden is up and running, you have a lovely collection of herbs always ready to use. DIY Project# 5 – Outdoor Bar  Outdoor bars are a stellar way to jazz up any outdoor space. Create something fancy or with a limited budget using salvaged pallets. Just attach the pallets to each other and stand them up to make your own outdoor bar. Make sure you stain the wood and cover it with a layer of polyurethane for a glossy, weather-resistant finish. DIY Project# 6 – Scrabble Tile Floor Do you like scrabble? Why not create the scrabble floorboard in your backyard. Just purchase simple block mosaic tiles from the local hardware store and set up the floor. You will have to create the alphabet tiles to play scrabble on the tile floor but once the floor board and tiles are ready, you are going to have a lot of fun. DIY Project# 7 – Mosaic Stepping Stones This is such a simple idea that anyone can do it. Collect scrap glass, old colored gems, or old tiles in a range of colors and dump them into a thick sack. Give the sack a few bashes, and empty the tile pieces on to a flat surface. In a non-stick cake tin, place out the tile pieces, cover with a layer of concrete, and a thin sheet of wire mesh. Let the concrete set and then empty the stone out when the concrete sets. Make as many as you want in as many shapes as possible to decorate your backyard. DIY Project# 8 – Votive Chandelier Lighting up your outdoor space is easy with a votive chandelier. Collect ten to fifteen votive holders and suspend them from a wood X frame with strong thread, wires, or chains. Place votive candles in the holders and light them all for a lovely setting. Mix and match votive holders to create a unique pattern. DIY Project# 9 – DIY Outdoor Shower You can easily set up an outdoor shower with a hollow pole containing the plumbing, a shower head, and two transparent vinyl wing walls.  All you have to do is figure out the plumbing and your shower cubicle can be up in three to four hours. DIY Project# 10 – Build a Shed  You can find many shed plans online for free or find a credible garden shed manufacturer that specializes in delivering DIY sheds directly to your yard. All you need are a few simple tools such as a screw gun and a level and then follow the instructions.  If your feeling really creative, design your very own shed using recycled lumber and other building materials scrounged up in your neighborhood. A little more elbow grease but very satisfying and great on the pocket book! So, are you ready? Plan a trip to the nearest hardware store and stock up the basics. Most of these projects are so simple that you don’t even have to spend more than $50 but you will end up with beautiful, unique furniture that will be the talking point of your backyard.
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