Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Is your small backyard causing you planning problems? Not sure how to make the most of the space?

If you have a small backyard, you may be wondering how to design your garden and still have enough space for kids and friends. You needn’t worry. There are many ways to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, even if you have a small backyard. With well-arranged flowers, decorative pottery, and small shaded areas for entertaining, you can transform your small, cluttered yard into a beautiful oasis.

Small Backyard Plans for Simple Living

People today are leading busy lives. This hardly leaves time for things we enjoy. So people are choosing an avenue towards simple living. Taking this concept a little further, and set the stage for simple planting. This basically means not cluttering up your small backyard. Instead, space out the tree and shrubs in such a way that there is still sufficient space to move around and create a haven that becomes your escape for privacy, quiet, and tranquility when you want it.

Moreover, when deciding your small backyard, be sure to pay attention to the type of shrubs, trees, and flowers you want in your garden. Take into account, their growth pattern, as it could crowd your backyard and make it appear even smaller than what it is. Remember the maxim – less is more in this case.

Small Backyard Landscaping

Before you start landscaping the backyard, check it out from all angles. Write down the features you want to get rid of and the ones you want to showcase. Here, you also need to take into consideration the architecture of your home, so that you plant shrubs and flowers that complement the style and design.


Remember a small backyard requires more formal gardening than a sprawling one, as you are dealing with limited space. This lets you maximize the usage of space and still have sufficient space for entertaining and relaxing.

You can go with a classic look, and fence your small backyard, so that you can get the privacy you need and also use the area along the fence to create flowerbeds for vibrant flowering plants.

Small Yard Ideas and Themes

There are many themes that are ideal for small backyards and you can use them to recreate a garden to your vision. Here are some themes to get your creative juices going:

Tropical Getaway

Use the space along the fence to plant bananas and heliconias. Along the wall of the main house, erect a trellis and let vines climb up. Get a small water fountain for the side to add a water element. The musical sound of the water will relax you and ease away the rigors of modern life.

Relaxing Backyard

Even if you have a small backyard, you can still install a pergola. Get a customized DIY pergola kit that comes with precut parts and all the hardware and instructions you require to set it up.

This is perfect for homes that want to have a place for entertaining without using up precious space to installing an outdoor patio.

Select a customized DIY pergola kit that uses Western Red Cedar, as this wood is durable, gorgeous to look at, and naturally repels pests.

Once the pergola is up, you can decorate it with flowering pots, have a portable barbecue and a few cushions and pillows where you can sit and relax.

You can paint the pots with glow-in-the-dark paint and get the illumination you seek. Alternatively, place many candle stands and use candles to create a romantic ambience.

Romantic Backyard

Install a hot tub under a Red Cedar gazebo. Make sure you have a privacy fence around the backyard. Plant hibiscus, passion flower, and other sweet-smelling flowers around the gazebo for that romantic feel. Use tiki torches to light up the backyard in the evenings.

You don’t have to install the gazebo from scratch. Just invest in a DIY gazebo kit designed for hot tubs and you are done. It will take you just a couple of hours with a helper to get the gazebo up and over your hot tub.

Family-Friendly Backyard

If you have kids and an active family life, such as barbecues, you should choose a pergola with a retractable canopy.

This way, you can enjoy your garden, even when the weather is not your best friend. Use this space to add a portable barbecue, music system, and a few strategically placed outdoor furniture pieces to ensure adequate seating. Focus on planting perennials in flowerbeds to enjoy vibrant colors and a relaxing fragrance.

A small backyard actually gives you many opportunities to showcase your taste and personality. It hardly takes a couple of weekends to get the landscaping done and you will be able to enjoy your handiwork for years to come. Use these tips to make your small backyard into a haven where you can create outstanding memories and increase the value of your property simultaneously.

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