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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Yard

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Yard

Do you often host outdoor dinner parties? Tired of pesky mosquitoes always ruining the fun? Well, you can stop stressing over the problem. There are many ways to keep mosquitoes out of your yard and these methods do not involve buying chemical-filled pesticides or insecticides that do more harm than good in the long run. With a few safe and natural tips, you can make sure that you get rid of these unwanted intruders and enjoy your time outdoors. Tips to Repel Mosquitoes from Your Yard Here are some of the best tips to help you keep pesky mosquitoes away from your outdoor space: Eliminate Stagnant Water: First of all, make sure that there is no standing water anywhere in your yard – check plates under flower pots, toys left outdoors or garbage in an open can. Kiddy pools, ponds, and yards that are not drained properly also attract mosquitoes. No one wants to lose sleep because of mosquitoes buzzing around your ears, that is not fun nor pleasant! These pests lay their eggs in fresh standing water, so any stagnant sources of water provide them with an opportunity. Getting rid of any stagnant water is the first basic step to ensure that you do not have a mosquito problem in your outdoor space. Plant Mosquito Repellants: Did you know that there are certain plants that can repel mosquitoes? You should plant them around your yard to naturally keep these pesky bugs away from your yard. Lemon balm, citronella, marigold, lavender, geranium, rosemary, pennyroyal, and many others are excellent choices to plant if you want mosquito-repellant flowers and plants for your garden or yard. lavender plant The bonus is that they are all really pretty so you can make your outdoor space visually pleasing while keeping mosquitoes away. Trim Vegetation: Plant nectar provide a feast for mosquitoes when they are not buzzing around, looking for blood. They spend a great deal of time around bushes and shrubs and in tall grasses. If you have vegetation around your house, it gives these insects a damp and cool place to hang out, especially on these plants’ leafy tissue on the bottom. You can reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard by trimming the vegetation around your home and making sure that your lawn is always well mowed. Get Rid of Debris: You should take a look around your yard for areas where debris like piles of leaves and grass clippings collect. Get rid of twigs, branches, and leaves that have piled up against your fence or the corner of your yard. It is important that you do this as they can provide a point source or a place for mosquitoes to breed. Keeping your yard clean and debris-free is one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquitoes from making your outdoor space their home. If they are outside your home they will eventually come inside. They are easy to kill at times but they are still pests and when they are bothering you when you cook, are lying on the sofa, or trying to fall asleep, this all detracts from your quality of life. Install Bug Lights: Bug lights are a sensational option for keeping mosquitoes away. These yellow, opaque bulbs work wonders in keeping these insects away. They are effective because insects and humans perceive lights in different wavelengths – insects see shorter wavelengths from ultraviolet and blue while humans see longer wavelengths that go from blue to red. This is why insects are attracted to black lights and conventional light sources. A bulb coated with a yellow, opaque finish is invisible to bugs. Since they cannot see the light, they are unable to swarm there. The only problem you have is that everything that you have in your yard now has a yellow tint. Tent Your Patio: If your patio is where everyone likes to relax and congregate, tenting it up may help in keeping mosquitoes from biting you and your guests. This way, you do not have to worry about having to spray repellent over food to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away when you are entertaining. You will find a wide array of canopy tents that come with mosquito net accessories – these are available in different styles, colors and fabrics, so you will find one that complements your home perfectly. You can even go for nets that can be attached to outdoor umbrellas. outdoor bbq Hire a Professional: If you can, you should hire a professional exterminator to check hidden areas like gutters, etc. where water can collect and become a prime breeding spot for mosquitoes. Professionals are terrific as they know secret spots where mosquitoes can breed or hide. They also provide treatments to eliminate these bugs, and prevent them from multiplying in your yard. If you want a non-toxic treatment, they will be able to provide it for you so you do have chemicals on your property that can harm you and your family. As you can see, making your outdoor space mosquito-free is quite easy. You do not need to buy expensive equipment or get dangerous chemical treatments. You can relax or play in your yard and entertain guests any time without having to worry about everyone slapping mosquitoes and getting bitten. You can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space any time you want to.
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