How to Secure Your Shed

Do you want to know how to secure your shed? Many people assume that their shed does not need protection. After all, it is nothing more than a storage shack where you keep out-of-season items. But while that lawn mower that you have been storing in your shed for many years may not be of much value on its own, have you considered the accumulated worth of the other contents in your shed – gardening gear, power tools, bikes, electrical cord, portable lights, rope, and lots more.

Despite many valuable items such as these stored in them, sheds are rarely secured properly. Whether or not your shed is attached to your home, you should make sure that the same level of security is provided to it as the rest of your property.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your shed is as safe and secure as the rest of your home and the surrounding property.

Minimize the Risk of Structural Weaknesses: When there are obvious loose slats and patches of rot, your old shed will be able to provide very minimal defense against thieves. The first thing you need to do is identify the problem areas in the shed. Use new panels to reinforce the internal structure and make sure that you fix loose slats as well.

Replace rotten doors and windows and also patch up holes that you see on your roof. Secondly, make sure that your shed is difficult to for criminals to access. Always keep fence openings closed and secure that are around your yard, use thorny plants as a deterrent, by planting them around the shed and if you have overgrown shrubs surrounding your shed, trim them regularly so that they cannot be used as hiding places.

How to Secure Your Shed

Replace Old Locks: Because many homeowners do not give importance to the security of their sheds, they use old locks. If traditional security is your preferred option, you should replace the old fastener with the strongest hasp and staple you can find with coach bolts. Next, add a strong padlock – preferable one that is rust-resistant or weatherproof – and make sure that you use it each time you close your shed.

Always remember that the harder you make it for a thief to enter your shed, the less likely they will be to try intruding in the first place, because it increases their chances of getting caught. If you prefer a more high-tech option, you should consider investing in an electronic door lock.

Secure Window AC Units: If the window AC units in your shed are not properly secured, burglars looking for access can quickly and easily remove them. You can make sure that it is much more difficult to remove your AC unit by installing a support mechanism that attaches to the exterior wall of your shed.

Although it may take a little more work, you should make sure that you also add a support bracket that can be securely screwed into the wall. This will make it extremely tough for any burglar to move the AC. Once the bracket has been installed, you should also invest in a window security bar. These are affordable improvements that can effectively prevent potential intruders from opening the window above the unit.

Replace Old Hinges: When the hinges of your shed door are exposed and loose, it makes them easy for criminals to unscrew. When this happens, the first thing you should do is replace those old hinges with a set that comes with a non-removable pin. You should look for carriage screws or coach bolts to install the hinges as well, because these types of fasteners come with smooth heads and cannot be removed from the outside once they are screwed in. This will make your shed door stronger and more secure, deterring potential intruders from trying to break in.

secure your shed

Poor Lighting: If your shed is situated in a corner of your yard where it cannot be reached by the porch light, it will make it difficult to see what is going on during the night. The best solution is to invest in motion detector lighting and have it installed. No criminal wants the spotlight on them so this will keep them away for sure. Depending on the strength and range of your lighting, it may also help in deterring intruders from the rest of your property.

There are many effective ways to make sure that your garden shed is properly secured and the items inside are safe. While some are expensive, you will find many affordable and easy ways to secure this structure. They will ensure that potential criminals have a hard time accessing your shed and getting their hands on your hard-earned property.

You can make sure that the equipment, tools, and other items that you store in your shed are safe from the hands of burglars and thieves. So do not neglect your shed and find ways to ensure that it is secure at all times.

How To Secure Your Shed

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