How to Make Your Backyard Dog Friendly

Would you like to know how to make your backyard dog friendly? As spring and summer draw closer, many pet owners are getting ready for some much-needed lawn maintenance. A lot of problems were probably caused by the dog – jumping, destructive digging, and pooping take their toll on yards with grass. Most homes are not what pet owners would call dog-friendly, with low fences, potentially poisonous plants, and exposed dirt that can easily be dug up to make a mess of things.

And who wants a dog tracking in all that dirt into your home?

It is vital for any pet with high exercise needs to have a dog-friendly backyard. When they spend time outdoors, pets receive mental stimulation which in turn helps in preventing dog depression and other behaviors that can cause problems. There are many ways that you can create a low-maintenance, dog-friendly backyard. Here is a look at some examples to inspire you.

A Personal Fire Hydrant for Your Pup – You can make your backyard perfect for your pup by adding his very own fire hydrant. You can add it to your existing yard. You can replace mud with gravel, as well as cedar chips which are dog-friendly, make for a terrific potty space and brighten up the area!

Doggy Pool – Adding a small water feature for your pooch is fantastic for pets that are aquatically-inclined! You can let your pet dive off the deep end by adding a small jumping area and provide easy access to get in and out of his pool. There are many ways to add this feature, depending on your space and budget. You can get a cheap play pool or dig out a small pool or pond in your backyard.

Puppy Portholes – Is your dog a people-watcher? Does he love to watch the world go by? You can go ahead and indulge his habit by installing a porthole in your fence. All you need to do is insert a panel or bubble made of Plexiglas. It will help in reducing your pup’s separation anxiety and also prevent digging and other destructive behaviors.

Sandbox for Your Pooch – A doggy sandbox is a fantastic addition to your backyard as it can serve one of two purposes – a digging heaven or poop patch. A designated area for potty business helps in protecting your grass and ensures that you walk safely in your yard. If your doggy is a champion digger, you should install a small fence around the sandbox to make sure that dirt is kept in place.

How to Make Your Backyard Dog Friendly

River of Rock – The most destructive dogs are the ones that dig. You can prevent them from making a mess of your yard by placing a border made of bricks or rocks around fences. You can also bury chicken wire in the soil under the fence. This will deter destructive diggers and escape artists from ruining your yard. Rock gardens and stone rivers are attractive ways to keep your pooch from digging under the fence.

Do-it-yourself Dog House – If your pet is an outdoorsy one, what you need is a dog house. You can find custom dog houses to give your pet a place to call his own. There are also a variety of other amazing options for a custom-designed dog house. You can also design and build one from scratch for your favorite furry friend. There are books and blueprints that you can use to get ideas.

Find a suitable carpenter, start cutting and designing away. Make sure it is screwed and glued! The only limit is your imagination.

Backyard Obstacle Course – If you have space to spare in your backyard, you should definitely create an obstacle course for your dog. This is popular among pet owners, and active pooches love them! Think you need expensive equipment for this? Not at all! There are plenty of items that you can use without spending any money – old tires, trash cans, PVC pipes, scrap wood and more can all be used to create your backyard obstacle course. Freshen up the equipment with some paint and your yard will be set to challenge your furry friend.

Social Space – If you have multiple dogs in your household or have a lot of playmates with other dogs, a marvelous idea is to build a small doggy park in your backyard. Your pet can use it to socialize with his friends. A play pool, low maintenance park and shade are the things that pets need to enjoy their time with other doggies. To cut costs, you can build your backyard dog park on an existing fence, like a corner, and you will have an awesome social space for your pet!

As you can see, there are many marvelous ways to make your backyard more dog-friendly. You do not need to spend a lot of money on it either! You also make sure that you protect your backyard or lawn from any destructive habits that your pet may have, such as digging. With a little creativity, the right materials, and tools and a little elbow grease, you can create the outdoor space that your doggy needs to have a stellar time at home.

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