Garden Sheds of Your Dreams

Whether you are upgrading to a bigger structure or find that you do not have to use your garden shed to store tools any more, you should consider breathing new life into your old shed as a guesthouse, hobby room, or backyard retreat.

If you have a big budget to play with, you can create a supplemental living area complete with luxurious amenities and electricity. Even with a more modest one, you can transform your outbuilding into something useful and beautiful with a few clever ideas.

Shipping Container House

With a little creativity and big containers, you can have a great-looking structure that you can use in any way you want. Shipping container houses are a fantastic idea and by transforming them, you can have both a guesthouse and a potting shed. You can make a green roof and make the structure eco-friendly. There are many things you can do with shipping container houses, so start thinking up some ideas and get to working on a new structure for your backyard.

Grain Shed – If you have a grain shed on your property that you will not be using for storing grains, why not re-purpose it and create a brand new space? You could even relocate it to a more ideal spot. You can transform it into a guesthouse, home office or even a studio or hobby room. You can tear down the interior walls and refinish the hardwood floors. Once these tasks are done, you can decorate it just the way you like and have a beautiful new space in your backyard.

Backyard Retreat – If you have a shed located in a lush, green backyard surrounded by plants and flowers, a marvelous idea is to transform it into something that is open and airy. This way, you will be able to enjoy the scenic view outside, come rain or shine. Another idea is to paint the structure a subtle green so that it blends in with its surroundings and provides some much-needed privacy. You can turn your new open garden shed into a reading room, or even an outdoor dining room.

What is wrong with reading in your backyard? Nothing! You can read Lee Child or Taylor Caldwell book or a Forbes magazine, it does not matter. Nothing wrong with Sports Illustrated or Reader’s Digest either.

Traditional Shed – You can have a traditional shed, but make use of it in two ways by adding a second level to it. Keep the first level simple with a potting bench, pots, and other garden supplies. You can add furniture to the second level, even a bed, and your shed will be a room that is far more than just gardening.

Salvaged Structure – You can create a cozy little backyard retreat with salvaged materials. Many homeowners have made sheds made entirely from such materials. You can even add a terrace where you or your guests can step outside and enjoy the outdoor air. You can create a guest room or a private space where you can relax and maybe curl up with a good book.

Garden Shed

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Preserved Shed – Do you have a decrepit shed that looks like it should be torn down? Take a closer look and you may find that it has potential. You can transform any space into a livable one, provided you have the right idea and the materials. Do not get rid of your old decaying shed so fast – you may be able to salvage and preserve your shed and make it into a tremendous backyard structure with many good uses.

Beach-inspired Shed – You can create a beach paradise out of your old shed with the right colors and accessories. Little accents can make a huge difference in how you transform your old garden shed. Get bright pops of color to both the indoors and outdoors and accents like driftwood awning and a sleeping net to create a beachy shed for guests or for yourself. You can enjoy warm summer days in your new backyard paradise.

Prefab Shed – It does not matter if you do not have an old garden shed that you can convert into a new structure. There are modern prefabricated sheds that you can customize to create any space you want. The prefab sheds today come with many green features including low energy lighting, photo-voltaic solar panels, and recycled-newspaper-based insulation. If you are looking for an eco-friendly structure for your backyard, these are the best option.

As you can see, there are many fantastic ideas for transforming your old garden shed into something new and useful. You can create beautiful outdoor structures with a purpose. Whether you need an extra guestroom, an office or just a private retreat where you can escape the madness of the house, you can get with a garden shed.

By adding a beautiful structure, you also make sure that your backyard has a focal point that adds to the landscape. With so many judicious ideas, getting a new space is easy. All you need is a little creativity and time and effort – you will be able to have a new shed that you love in no time at all!

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