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Some Must-Have DIY Planters for Your Garden

Some Must-Have DIY Planters for Your Garden

When spring comes around, one of the first things that comes to mind is gardening. Of course, when you think planting, you need garden planters. If you want something a little more creative for your garden this year, there are some fantastic ideas that you can use. You can make your own planters and have some awesome DIY ones that are sure to make your neighbors green with envy. Here is a look at the most creative DIY planters that you definitely must have in your garden.   Old Tire Teacups – You have seen people using old tires to plant flowers and plants around their garden. What if you could give this old idea a new twist? Stack two tires on top of each other and give them a bright and colorful paint job. Add a handle and you have a tire “teacup”.  They make adorable planters and will add loads of charm to your garden. Old Tire Teacups Plastic Bottle Garden Planters – Do you have limited space for planting? Do not worry as you can still have a marvelous garden. All you have to do is convert old plastic bottles and plant small-to-medium flowers, plants, herbs, etc. in them. Stack them along vertical spaces in your outdoor area and you have an awesome plastic bottle hanging garden! Kerosene Drum Couple – Want something cute for your garden? What is really adorable is a pair of kerosene drums dressed up as a couple. Paint one blue with eyes, a nose and a mouth – you can even add a shirt collar and tie. For the “girl” drum, paint it pink with red lips, and add a lace collar. There you have it! Two dressed up drums ready for you to plant your flowers in! Chandelier Garden Planters – If you want to add a vintage touch to your garden, look for old chandeliers. Without candles, they make the perfect hangers for vines. They look unique and will add beauty to your patio. You can use any type of chandelier – just get creative and make it look as good as you can and give your outdoor space a vintage-inspired planter that no one else has thought of. Chandelier Planters Book Garden Planters – Another vintage-inspired idea is to use old books as planters. Collect old books that no one wants anymore and use them as planters for small plants like succulents. These plants do not need much water so book planters are perfect for them. Bicycle Garden Planters – Do you have an old bicycle lying around? Want to know how to make good use of it? Convert it into a bicycle planter. You can tie pots or baskets with the flowers or plants of your choice securely to the bicycle. This is also a poignant idea if you are looking for a semi-seasonal planter. Lastly, they are easy to move when the time for lawn care comes around. Rain Boot Garden Planters – Gather your kids’ old rain boots and turn them into cute and colorful planters. This is a fabulous idea that allows you to recycle old stuff into something new. It also adds a personal touch to your garden. Hang the old boots on your fence with the flowers and plants of your choice in them and watch them brighten up your garden during the spring. Rain Boot Garden Planters Hanging Kettle Garden Planters – If you are into DIY, you will love this idea. Take an old kitchen stove kettle and decorate it. Paint it and stick flat pebbles and stones if you like. Next put in the plant of your choice and hang it outside. This is a wonderful idea that will add a unique touch to your garden. With a little decoration and lots of love, you can turn your old kettle into a fabulous little herb or flower pot. Wine Barrel Garden Planters – If you have a homey lake house or cozy cottage, one excellent idea is to convert an old wine barrel into a garden planter. You can even make it a tiered one to give you different levels for different plants. Wine barrel garden planters will add loads of rustic charm to your property and you also get a fantastic way to show off your flowers and plants. It does not matter if you like wine or not. You can probably call up a winery and find out where they buy them from or ask them if they have any used ones that they could sell you at a discount. Just be friendly and you never know what will happen. Wine Barrel Planter Pallet Garden Planters – Do you have problems with space in your garden? You need to find a way to stack your garden upright. A fantastic solution is to find a simple pallet and make a few modifications to it. You will find that you can have a well-organized stacked planter for your herbs or flowers. This is an excellent idea for gardens that are not too spacious. Why have ordinary garden planters when you can create unique ones with a few old items you have lying around or can find at a garage sale. You do not spend a lot of money to get great-looking planters for your garden. So start getting creative, look for old stuff and create amazing DIY planters to make your garden look awesome this year.
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