Garden Party Ideas for Your Next Big Party

Looking for garden party ideas? The days are sunny, warm, and longer which can only mean one thing – it is the perfect time to throw a garden party. What better way to celebrate the season and have a little fun with the people you love? Whether you want elegant and sophisticated or hipster and rustic, there are many amazing garden party ideas that you can use as inspiration.

You do not have to spend hours or a fortune preparing for your outdoor get-together. Here is a list of incredible ideas to help you throw the best garden party anyone has ever been to.

Food and Drink

The first thing you need for any party is food and drinks. Here are some awesome ideas to make sure that you are all set when it comes to eats and beverages. There is nothing wrong with some Taco Bell but of course the fresh food from your garden will make everyone happy. Well, the people that feel like eating healthy at least.

Beverage Station: Why stress yourself out running around after everyone and serving them? You should be having a good time too. Have a beverage station at your gathering where guests can help themselves to anything they want while you enjoy the party too. You can have a friend monitor this area as well. Could be wise, certainly if alcohol is being served.

Watermelon Keg: This will definitely be a big hit at your party. Forget beer kegs – get a watermelon keg with a refreshing drink in it. It is easy to make, fun, and most importantly, it is delicious. You should certainly use this idea for your garden party.

Potato Salad: You cannot have a party without having a giant batch of easy-to-make potato salad. This is something that almost everyone can eat and because it is so easy to make, it will buy you more time to get other things ready.

Pizza Dip: If you are looking for an easy yet tasty snack for everyone to enjoy, you cannot go wrong with a pizza dip. Just make a batch of this yummy cheese and tomato dip and little toasts – everyone can help themselves to this no-fuss snack.

Iced Tea: You cannot have a garden party without refreshing iced tea. It is super-easy to make in no time at all and is sure to keep everyone refreshed while they enjoy your outdoor party. You should definitely not forget this one for your garden do.

Edible Cup and Saucer: You obviously need cups and saucers for your garden party. But why not surprise your guests by giving them this yummy option that they can munch on once they have finished their drink?


Your tableware will set the atmosphere for your garden party so you need to think it out carefully. Here are some prolific ideas to help you out.

Gold Foil Tumblers: This is a simple yet sophisticated DIY that will add a touch of class to any event. It is the perfect way to serve your drinks – your guests will love the idea!

Garden party

DIY Vases: Who says you need expensive vases to decorate the tables at your garden party? Get simple mason jars and fill them with beautiful flowers. You can add ribbons and other small accessories to make them look elegant without spending too much.

Chalkboard Runner: If you are looking for a fun way to label everything you are serving, a chalkboard table runner is the perfect idea. This is a clever and considerate way to make sure that your guests know what is in the food, especially for those who may have allergies or are just plain fussy.

Confetti Tablecloth: Are you worried that your table will get ruined? An amazing idea is to use this DIY tablecloth which will not cost you much. Just get a plain white tablecloth and paint dots all over it, like confetti.  There you have it – a bright confetti tablecloth that looks adorable and serves its purpose of protecting your table.

Cutlery Pouches: Add a little style to your garden party and use cutlery pouches that have your guests’ fork, spoon and napkin ready. They are super-cute and are very easy to make. All you need is Kraft bags. Remove the top flap, cut them in half vertically and then sew a zigzag seam down the bag’s length. Fold the napkin with the fork and spoon inside and out fold them into the pouches. Pretty simple.

General Decorations

Every party needs decorations and there are many fantastic ideas out there. The best part is that you do not need to shell out loads of cash for them.

Candle Lanterns: Candles create an intimate atmosphere and a soft evening glow. You can make your own candle lanterns with DIY dyed baby jars and have cute colored lanterns glowing all around our garden.

Garden Party Ideas with Lanterns

Bunting: You definitely need bunting at a party – it is just one of those decorations that add that holiday look and feel. You can make your own without having to sew anything. Just get the fabric you choose for the bunting, get a length of ribbon and glue the bunting on to it.

With these ideas, you can make sure that your garden party is fun and pretty, without working too hard or spending too much. You can have a successful garden party where everyone has a refreshing time and cannot wait for you to throw another one!

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