Flowering Plants that are Easy to Grow on Your Patio

Patios and walkways are without doubt a beautiful asset to any backyard. They not just bring with them many benefits to your home, but also offer several exciting possibilities. Like most recreation areas, a patio tends to be put more to use if it is inviting, comfortable, and visually appealing. Just a glimpse of a well maintained patio will beckon you outdoors!

If your patio dreams include walls and overheads but are subject to the local building code, do not get disheartened. You can still add warmth to your patio by adding colorful plants and herbs to give it a unique spin.

Herbs – Did you know that herbs strive on sunlight? So, there is no better place for them than your sunny patio! Create a mini garden of your favorite flavors. You can plant anything from rosemary to mint around your patio!

Lantana – These beautiful multicolored blossoms can transform the look of your backyard. The delicate, colorful blooms are pleasing to the eyes, and grow well around patios. Do not be surprised if they invite pretty lil’ butterflies to your garden!

Geraniums – Break the monotony of green in your outdoors by adding a burst of pink. Germaniums are easy to plant and easy to care for! They do well in both sun and shade. Use potted geraniums to mask a cemented patio in an exotic way.

Bamboo – If you want to create a private spot in your outdoors, bring home a few bamboo plants. You can either keep them small or let them grow tall if you are looking for privacy.

Gardenias – For a more classy and elegant look, you can plant white gardenias around your patio. Not only do they add panache to your outdoor den, but also smell beautiful. Plant them in large pots and place them around your patio.

Sunflowers – If you want to add a hint of personalization to your patio, experiment with sunflowers. These large pretty heads look marvelous in pots as well as boxes and will make any patio come to life.

Woman Gardening

Mandevilla – This is a flowering vine that will need something to climb up on. If you have a wall in your garden, be sure to add these blooms. These trumpet shaped flowers bloom in gorgeous shades of white, red, and pink! Once they begin to bloom, you will be glad you made the choice.

Pentas – If you live in a really dry place, the sweet star shaped pentas, is the plant for you. They look pretty, aren’t poisonous and love the heat.  They will bloom and grow all year long and add to the beauty of your outdoor haven.

Banana plant – If you are someone who loves gardening and can spend time caring for your plants, add a banana tree close to your patio. These large and lush plants will draw attention to your patio. And, though they may not give you bananas to munch upon, they will add beauty and color to your backyard. They love the heat and sun, and are a magnificent addition to your outdoors.

Angel’s trumpet – If you have a patio with an overhead, the angel’s trumpet will glorify it even more! These stunning flowers that hang upside down, grow up to one foot long! They will add shade to your patio and help you create a warm and cozy spot in your backyard. What’s more? They are heat tolerant and will thrive through a hot summer.

Plumbago – Does your patio and garden look sparse and empty? Then, the plumbagos will take care of that for you! They fill in space very fast and are drought and heat resistant. This means you will have a beautiful patch of blue all summer long. However, these plants are poisonous and not a great choice if you have toddlers who stick everything into their mouths!

Angelonia – Colorful, delicate, and fragrant, the angelonias are just the flowers for any patio. They love the sun and heat, do not need much water and are very easy to care for.

Patio Flower Plants

Solanum – If you have a patio, you should have the solanum. This plant that is sold as a patio tree is low maintenance and bloom even in containers. They are a feast to the eyes even when the flowers are yet to bloom!

Tropical Milkweed – Want to add a gorgeous pop of colors to your outdoors? Then, look no further than the tropical milkweed. The majestic monarch butterflies will wind their way to your garden in search of these beautiful blooms.

Sweet Bay Leaf Tree – The bay leaf tree grows and grows! But, with some shearing and regular maintenance they also make happy patio plants in pots. Not only are they a prolific addition to your patio, but also come in handy while making soups and stews!

Jasmine – The fragrance of jasmines needs no introduction or praise. The mild scent that these flowers exude will transport you to a different world all together. If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in your garden, you should consider bringing a little tropical feel to your garden patch, by growing these delicate blooms.

Just like interior rooms, patios too benefit from spruce-ups and fresh crops of plants and accessories. You can make a bare patio a spot for the family to relax and rejuvenate in by throwing in the right furniture and potted plants!

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