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  • Instant Approval. Find out during checkout if you are approved
  • You want to buy now and not wait to save up for your purchase
  • You prefer paying over months or years rather than paying all at once
  • You want to build your credit


  • You have to make monthly payments
  • You will pay interest and fees
  • You may not actually be able to afford the purchase and may struggle to make payments
  • Your credit score may be affected if you default


Only you will be able to know if instant financing is for you. When you finance your purchase at OLT you are entering an agreement with the lender, NOT with OLT.

You will be presented with all the terms of your agreement during checkout so that you can decide if you agree and would like to proceed with the financing.

This option is available to all customers in Canada and the United States and you will be accepted or declined based on your credit history by the lender. You will know within seconds if you are approved. If you are approved you will be presented with your payment terms. If you agree to the terms you can complete your order.

When you use this financing option all questions and concerns regarding your finance agreement will need to be directed to your lender. OLT is not provided with any financial agreement information and will be unable to help with any financing agreement questions.

How It Works

When you add a product to the CART and go into the CHECKOUT you will have three options to pay.

  1. PsiGate (USA) or Stripe (Canada)  – Pay in full by credit card
  2. PayPal (USA & Canada) – Pay in full by credit card
  3. Klarna (USA) or PayBright(Canada) – INSTANT FINANCING OPTION

Canadian residents:

United States residents:

  • Apply at CHECKOUT
  • For more information on the USA lender, visit Klarna
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