Small Outdoor Space Ideas for You

Small outdoor space ideas
Almost everybody would like to enjoy some time in the outdoors each day. Many people are looking for small outdoor space ideas to make the most out of their backyard. With some clever techniques, it is possible to maximize your small yard and still have a magnificent garden to enjoy.

Go Vertical

Just as you would go vertical when you lack space indoors, you can go vertical outdoors as well to create a garden and surround yourself with some greenery. A vertical garden can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. Select a sturdy wall or fence for your vertical garden. If the wall or fence is not strong enough to bear the weight of your vertical garden, the first step should be to reinforce it using marine ply or similar weather and water proof material.

Next, attach a series of small pots to the wall using galvanized screws. It is now possible to get pots for a vertical garden with a hose system that will deliver water to the pots. When selecting plants for the vertical garden, keep in mind that pots dry out faster than a garden plot. Choose plants that will thrive in dry soils and you will soon have a glorious vertical garden.

Select plants that require plenty of sunlight if your vertical garden receives a lot of exposure to the sun. Plants such as succulents are ideal for this. On the other hand, if your vertical garden will not receive sunlight for more than a couple of hours, select tropical plants with large leaves, and colorful flowers.

Add layers and texture to the vertical garden by selecting a combination of plants to add visual interest. You can have a mix of plants in your vertical garden as long as they are placed to receive the right amount of sunlight and shade.

A key requirement for a thriving vertical garden is adequate soil nutrients. As the plants are potted, you need to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they require by adding compost, mulch, and fertilizers are more frequent intervals than for a garden plot.

Build in the Seating

If your yard is small, flip the switch for built-in seating that can also double up as storage areas, dividers, and so on. This will keep your yard free of the movable furniture that takes up more space. When building this type of seating, select materials such as natural woods or stone that will withstand the effects of water and sunlight.

Multitasking Counters and Spaces

Another way of maximizing the small yard is to ensure that every space can be used for multiple purposes. Depending on your needs, you should be able to convert the space into a play area for your children or a place to entertain guests.

This is possible by designing seating and counters that can be used by both adults and children. For instance, a counter top that children use as a work surface during the day for their art material should be usable as a counter to place drinks and snacks in the evening. Choosing colors and materials that will appeal to both children and adults is key to this.

Remove Excess Plants, Furniture

If the yard is small, too many plants can create visual clutter. Instead, you need to work to reduce this effect by pruning the plants and rotating the pots. An easy way of keeping only the seasonal plants in the yard is to use the two-pot method.

Simply, place an empty pot in the hole you have dug in your yard and place the potted seasonal into this. As the seasons change, you will be able to remove the potted plant and replace it with ease. This will enable you to have a beautiful garden and seating area while resting the other pots in out of sight places.

Select Larger Pavers

When paving the seating area of a small yard, select larger, plan pavers that enlarge the space visually. Leave intricate designs and dark colors for a larger yard.

Install a Bird Feeder or Bird Bath

Even a small yard can be made more welcoming not just to the residents but birds, by installing a bird feeder and bird bath. This will encourage birds to visit your garden and add to the harmony of the place.

A hanging birdfeeder and a small bird bath can easily be fitted into most small yards. The bird bath can also be installed in the vertical garden with ease, ensuring that your winged visitors feel more at home.

By taking these steps it is possible to convert even a small yard into a gorgeous garden that is an oasis of nature. The greenery and flowers are sure to make the garden an inviting spot for all.

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