How to Attract Birds to Your Garden or Yard

Many people love feeding birds and are looking for various types of bird feeders. If you are one of them, you should think of ways to attract as many different species as you can to your garden or yard and make some new winged friends. It is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is set up your outdoor space in the best possible way to attract these beautiful creatures.

Use Different Feeders and Locations

All birds do not feed in the same way so you should make sure that you use various types of bird feeders. For example, you should consider mixing up open feeders with perches or trays, nectar feeders, mesh socks, jelly feeders, and suet feeders to attract a wide range of different bird species. You should also keep in mind that you will attract more birds by using more natural looking feeders.

Different bird species will also have different preferences when it comes to the placement of bird feeders. There are some birds that prefer feeders that are placed higher up while others prefer them to be placed lower down. So you should make sure that you check the feeding preferences of different birds and place your feeders in the best places.

If you have any doubts, place your feeders in a higher position as this is the preferred feeding place for most birds because it keeps them safe from various predators such as cats and so on.

Use High Quality Bird Seed

You should never use cheap bird seed mixes when it comes to food sources for the birds. Many of them contain milo, which many birds do not find appealing and will probably leave without touching. The end result is that the birds will go to another place to find food and your plan to attract birds to your garden or yard will be unsuccessful.

Therefore, it is a judicious idea to always pay for fantastic bird seed if you have the budget to do so.

Different bird species prefer different types of food.  So when you are considering how to attract birds, you need to think about what type of birds you want to attract. When you have made your choice, use the best seed you can afford to attract them. For example, small birds prefer millet the most while larger birds favor cracked corn as it is a typical food that they eat out in the wild.

Do not Forget Other Sources of Food

You should not forget about natural food sources when feeding birds to attract them to your garden or yard. Apart from having bird feeders, you should also have natural sources of food like fruit trees and other shrubs and plants that attract birds. Shrubs that produce berries in particular are a fabulous natural source of food for many birds.

You should also keep in mind that birds feed on insects, so make sure that you do not remove insects from your outdoors by using pesticides or insecticides. You should consider placing some dead wood in different parts of your garden or yard if there is space.

This will act as a place for insects to thrive and therefore act as a good source of food for birds. You can place the dead logs of wood discreetly and keep them out of sight if you are worried about how your garden or yard looks to people.

Provide Fresh Clean Water

When you are considering how to attract birds to your garden, providing them with a good source of fresh clean water is one of the most important things you could do, after providing food. Water is important as it not only provides birds with something to drink, but also allows them to bathe and remove parasites from their bodies, as well as preen. Additionally, it provides them with a way to cool themselves on hot summer days.

There are a number of different ways to provide water to birds. Bird baths, watering trays, misters, waterfalls, and ponds are all wonderful ways to give birds a source of clean water.

Provide Nesting and Housing Opportunities

Another way to attract birds is to add bird houses and other opportunities for nesting to your garden. Bird houses are not only a standout way to decorate your garden or yard; they also provide a safe roosting and nesting haven for birds. There are many different types of bird houses, so you should think about the type of birds you want to attract and then select the appropriate bird house.

bird feeders

Planting trees, hedges, and bushes and shrubs is also an excellent idea as it gives birds a natural place to nest. If possible, provide a different range of heights, e.g. taller trees at the back with hedges and smaller trees placed after them and then shrubs and bushes.

With these basic tips, you can make sure that you attract the birds you want to your garden and yard and fill your outdoor space with the music they produce. You can enjoy cheery chirpings all day and have the most beautiful creatures flitting about in your garden. You will also be playing a vital conservational role in restoring balance to the ecosystem.

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