Backyard Pergola: Add Value and Aesthetics to Your Home

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Backyard Pergola: Add Value and Aesthetics to Your Home

Backyard Pergola: Add Value and Aesthetics to Your Home

Backyard pergola Backyard pergolas owe their existence to the ancient Egyptians, who used to use them to escape from the heat while walking from one building to the next. They also used these beautiful outdoor structures to grow vines and other climbing plants. Today, thanks to advancements in construction technology and materials, a backyard pergola not only adds beauty to your garden, it also functions as a place to relax and enjoy some leisure time with your loved ones.

Why a Pergola?

You may wonder why introduce an architectural structure that has no walls to speak of or a solid roof to protect you from the sun, rain, or snow to your property anyhow? That is precisely the beauty of a backyard pergola. The lack of solid roof and walls helps a pergola define your outdoor space without restriction or constraints. The unique architectural feature allows you to be inside and outside at the same time and can add life to the landscape of your garden. You can use a pergola to frame a unique focal point in the garden or define a pathway in your garden. And, if you add a climbing plant to the structure, you will enjoy color as well as shade. pergola kit

Backyard Pergola – What are the Benefits?

If you are still skeptical about installing a pergola in your backyard, here are some wonderful advantages you will enjoy if you do so.
  • Maximize the View: Remember a backyard pergola doesn’t have walls and hence, you get an unobstructed (well, somewhat obstructed, right?) view of your lush garden and flowering plants. You can situate the structure where the view is the most beautiful, so that you can enjoy the serenity and beauty while relaxing under your pergola.
  • Stay Cool in the Summer: While you can sit in the patio and enjoy the sun, sometimes the heat can be unbearable, driving you indoors. With a backyard pergola, you can stay cool and still spend time outdoors. First, the breeze will flow freely through your backyard pergola as there is nothing to block it and you can block most of the rays of the sun by installing a slat roof. That way, even when the temperature outdoors is soaring, you stay cool and use the space for all types of fun activities, such as outdoor dining, reading a book while listening to music or sitting in your inflatable swimming pool and sipping a margarita!
  • Create Some Privacy: Even though pergolas have an open-structure construction, by adding accessories to them, you can create a privacy screen that blocks out unattractive views and ensures you get the privacy you want when spending time in your backyard.
  • Choose your Pergola Design and Style: Today, backyard pergolas can be made from a variety of materials and in different sizes and shapes. If you want to add some flair to your outdoor living space, pergolas are perfect. With modern and traditional designs, you can create the outdoor ambience you see to set your garden apart and make it look elegant without too much effort.
  • Boost the Resale Value of Your Property: It may sound clichéd but many people end up buying homes with backyard pergolas. It makes your garden more functional and aesthetically pleasing. So, in the future if you decide to sell your property, the pergola you install today will help you ask for a higher price compared to similar properties in the neighborhood.

Common Pergola Materials

Wood Pergolas

Previously, wood used to be the only material used to make a pergola. While wood looks gorgeous and blends with the natural surroundings of a garden seamlessly, there are other materials that are slowly catching on.

Cedar Pergolas

Cedar is one of the most preferable woods for making a pergola since it is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Also, the soothing aroma of the wood can be relaxing and therapeutic after a stressful day at work. However, most homeowners love pergolas made from redwood. This wood looks fantastic and is strong and durable. Of course, it is an expensive choice, but the durability makes it a worthwhile investment.

Metal Pergolas

Metals, such as aluminum, wrought iron and steel, are also quite popular. Bear in mind, regardless of the metal you purchase, the color invariably will be black. But don’t worry. Black pergolas are awesome and tend to be eye-catching. If you are looking for an affordable metal pergola, go with aluminum, since it is lightweight and more affordable than other metals. Wrought iron is the metal of choice for upscale gardens and neighborhoods.

Vinyl Pergolas

In recent times, even vinyl is used to make pergolas. It is a cheaper alternative to wood and hardly requires any maintenance. You never have to worry about rot or cracking as well.

Pergola Kits Make the Job Easy

cedar pergola kit You don’t have to go through the rigmarole of buying wood and building a pergola. You can easily invest in a pergola kit. Don’t worry, you can get stunning designs, numerous sizes, and in any material you wish. Furthermore, you can easily install the pergola yourself. Pergola kits come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. The installation does require two people, but it can be done in a few hours. With so many benefits of a pergola, it is hard not to install one. So, add a pergola to your garden to maximize the usage of your outdoor living space and make your garden more attractive and versatile. You just can’t go wrong with a wonderful pergola.
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