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Backyard Inspirations – The Garden Shed

Being in the garden can bring us a feeling a profound connection to the land.

In this age when we seem to always be “connected” to our smartphones and other devices – it’s sometimes good to “unplug” and ground ourselves in activities that connect us to our true sense of ourselves.

There’s a well known expression, that gardening is good for the soul. Research also demonstrates that it’s also good for the mind and body.

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In fact, gardening is a gateway to well-being, benefitting everyone from children to seniors. For me, it just makes me feel better about life.

Need inspiration? Just contact us or have a look at the many pictures sent to us. Create your own backyard gardening oasis at Outdoor Living Today.


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About the Author

Greg Bailey is a partner at Outdoor Living Manufacturing Ltd, a value added forest company specializing in do-it-yourself western red cedar kits. He has been in the forest industry for over 30 years and an owner at OLM for over 10 years.

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