Awesome Playhouse Ideas For Your Kids

Are you looking for some awesome playhouse ideas? Having an outdoor playhouse is a terrific idea as it allows your kids’ imagination to run free. This is why it only makes sense that you personalize your playhouse to suit your little one’s taste and personality. There are many awesome ideas to tailor your kids’ playhouse to their liking – remember, like your little one’s imagination, the sky is the limit!

Playhouse Ideas to make it Functional: The first thing you need to do is consider how your kids are going to use the playhouse. Are your little ones active and like running around, jumping and swinging? You should consider a swing set, a slide, or monkey bars as an addition on the side of the playhouse. You can also add a second story where they can climb up to.

Other magnificent playhouse ideas are to simply use stilts to hold up the playhouse to simulate a tree house. Make sure that the interior has enough floor space, especially if your children like to play “house” or “kitchen” or might occasionally like to have little slumber parties inside. The more functional you make the playhouse, the more your kids will love their playhouse – that is for sure!

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Add Dimension and Color: Staining or painting a playhouse is one of the most basic ways to personalize it. Color can go a very long way in sparking imagination and establishing mood. If you want a playhouse in “log cabin” style, you can maintain the structure’s rustic feel by putting a fantastic stain both outside and inside. A Victorian playhouse is always a fantastic idea, with bright colored trim and white sides.

A variety of patterns can make drastic changes, like black, green, and brown camouflage for a “fort.” Whether you have a little princess or a mini soldier, with the right color and dimension, you can create perfect little space for them.

Let the Kids Decorate: Your children will be the ones using the playhouse so allow them to pick the décor. Give them some paint swatches or wallpaper options for the interior walls and let them select a design scheme that they want.

Let them hang their favorite posters and their own artwork on the walls. Another super idea is to paint one or two walls inside with chalkboard paint so that the little ones always have a ready canvas. The idea is to give your children a place where they can let their imaginations go wild and have a great time doing creative things, so let them pick out what they would like inside.

playhouse ideas for kids

Furnish the Interior: You cannot have a complete playhouse if there are no furnishings of some sort, and the options to furnish a playhouse that are available these days have never been wider. You will find a large number of stores that dedicate themselves to small-scale furniture like tables, chairs, kitchen utensils and other wares, and even kid-sized sinks!

Place a toy box in one corner, a hammock in a “fort” or small curtains if you have a Victorian-style playhouse. No matter which theme you want to use for the playhouse, you can be sure that you will find the perfect furnishings for it.

Add Plants: As a fun little addition to any playhouse, adding a bit of landscaping can complete the picture. For a “log cabin,” window boxes with flowers are a salient idea while a little white picket fence and shrubs will simulate a cozy cottage in suburbia. To top it all off, allow the kids to put in their own miniature vegetable garden or flowerbed in the “backyard” of the playhouse. This not only allows children to personalize their playhouse, but also encourages them to spend time outdoors and teaches them to look after plants.

Give the Playhouse a Name: Finally, nothing quite says personalization more than putting your name to something – and there is nothing kids love more than claiming ownership by stamping their name on everything. You can paint “Amy’s House” or “My Little Cottage” over the door frame or let the little ones come up with their own creative name for their own little house. They will be super-proud to name their own house and will surely come up with a fabulous one.

You can buy these letters at certain stores and even a home improvement store. You can screw and/or glue these letters in place so nothing Mother Nature unleashes at them can actually dislodge them.

No matter what, get your little ones to tell you what stirs their imaginations and help you in making decisions when you build a playhouse for them. The more you allow them to make decisions, the more responsible towards this playhouse they will feel and this process could help them improve their confidence and self-esteem.

It will also do a lot so that they enjoy their playhouse even more. This is going to be their special place, not just a space to play, so make it as special as you can and they will love every minute they spend in it. With the tips above, you can derive some inspiration and concoct some sagacious ideas to personalize your children’s playhouse.

Playhouse Ideas

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