Outdoor Living Today's 2012 Best Picture Contest

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2012 Best Picture Contest

Thank you again to all the 2012 Best Picture Contest participants.  We have had many, many picture entries streaming into our office – wonderful to see how you make your Outdoor Living Today product your own, creating your own little oasis or just simply getting yourself organized! Your comments, ideas and pictures of how you tackled your project are very appreciated, many of you asking us to share those with your fellow customers!  For additional pictures and idea book designs feel free to connect with us on facebook at  OLT Facebook Page or Houzz at OLT Houzz Professional !  For the Best Picture of the Year 2012 Winner – a beautiful 12′ Bayside Gazebo!

12' Bayside Cedar Gazebo

12′ Bayside Cedar Gazebo

1. We are pleased to announce the Winner of the 2012 Best Picture of the Year contest! Mr. and Mrs. Speakman from Washington purchased their 12′ Bayside Gazebo and have done a wonderful job creating their little piece of paradise!

8 x 10 ft Breeze Pergola

8 x 10 ft Breeze Pergola

2. Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Illinois did it right! With our 8×10 Cedar Pergola model they have created another ‘little’ room outside! The Wrights certainly have a ‘knack’ for decorating – now it’s time to enjoy!

Cozy Cabin Playhouse 9x7

Cozy Cabin Playhouse 9×7

3. Every child’s dream! Grandma and Poppa Whipple of Alberta are offering their grandchildren the ultimate gift – imagination and fun! This Cozy Cabin 9×7 took only 2 days to assemble and a little while to decorate! Oh to be a child again!

Cedar Greenhouse 8x12

Cedar Greenhouse 8×12

4. Mr. Jewel from Saskatchewan decided to flex his green thumb – but first he used his hammer and measuring tape to assemble this beautiful Cedar Greenhouse 8×12! First Prize on the assembly – now how about some prize winning tomatoes?

Sunshed 8x8 Garden Shed

Sunshed 8×8 Garden Shed

5. The sun shines year round in Mr. and Mrs. Horn of Michigan’s backyard – now that they put up the Sunshed Garden Shed 8×8. Retreat? Potting? Storage? – You decide!

12x12 Cedar Pergola Kit

12×12 Cedar Pergola Kit

6. An idyllic outdoor refuge from the worries and pace of daily life! Mr. and Mrs. Donald of Ontario are now set for a relaxing life under their 12×12 Cedar Pergola! Can you spell zen?

9x6 Cabana Garden Shed

9×6 Cabana Garden Shed

7. Another proud owner of our popular Cabana Garden Shed 9×6! Mr. Digney of Ontario is showcasing his work for all to see! Well done! He may be looking for his next project!

Space Saver 8x4 with Double Doors

Space Saver 8×4 with Double Doors

8. A little bigger than our 6×3, the Space Saver 8×4 with double doors looks like the right choice for Mr. and Mrs. Purdum of California. Lots of room to store your garden paraphenalia and bicycles too!

Grand Garden Chalet 6x3

Grand Garden Chalet 6×3

9. Mr. and Mrs. Beaubien from Quebec needed a lot more storage to organize their back yard. The little 6×3 Grand Garden Chalet seems to be the perfect addition to their storage dilemma! Nestled and sidled up to the fence!

10' Bayside Cedar Gazebo

10′ Bayside Cedar Gazebo

10. Your very own private retreat to while away those warm summer afternoons or..mornings…or nights under the stars! Mr. and Mrs. Carvalho of Oregon found the perfect spot for their beautiful 10′ Bayside Cedar Gazebo!

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