2008 Best Picture Contest

2008 Best Picture Contest

Welcome to our First Annual Best Picture of the Year contest! In 2008 many of our customers wished to share their experience building their Outdoor Living Today product! We asked them to send us pictures to see how they turned their outdoor living vision into reality – or be the best parents on the block with building the nicest playhouse ever – as our First Prize winner did!  Please note that they received a Grand Garden Chalet 6×3 for sharing their picture with us!

1. We are pleased to announce that the Winner of our 2008 Best Picture Contest is Joanne S. who purchased a 9×9 Lauren’s Cottage Playhouse. Thanks to everyone who participated! We received hundreds of pictures and the final decision was a difficult one.

Playhouse-Laurens-Cottage-9x9 kids
9×9 Lauren’s Cottage Playhouse


2. 6×9 Sunflower Playhouse – Submitted by Mark U., Aspen, Colorado

6x9 Sunflower Playhouse
6×9 Sunflower Playhouse – adapted

3. 8×12 SunShed – Submitted by Pam B., San Jose, California

8x12 SunShed

8×12 Sunshed Garden Shed

4. 10×12 Breeze Pergola – Submitted by Marty A., Oliver, British Columbia

10x12 Breeze Pergola

10×12 Breeze Pergola

5. 10×12 Breeze Pergola – Submitted by Steve I., Brampton, Ontario

10x12 Breeze Pergola

10×12 Breeze Pergola

6. 12×12 SunShed – Submitted by Debbie R., Yakima, Washington

12x12 Sunshed Garden Shed

12×12 Sunshed Garden Shed

7. 10×12 Breeze Pergola – Submitted by Diane C., St. Albert, Alberta

10x12 Breeze Pergola

10×12 Breeze Pergola

9. 8×12 Santa Rosa – Submitted by Karen S., Sierra Vista, California

8x12 Santa Rosa Garden Building

8×12 Santa Rosa Garden Building

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