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13 Creative Do-it-Yourself Garden Fencing Ideas

13 Creative Do-it-Yourself Garden Fencing Ideas

We all have an artist within us who needs an outlet for his/her creativity from time to time. There are countless do it yourself ideas that can provide an outlet for your creative streak and also help beautify your home, garden, and surroundings. Believe it or not, you can put old stuff lying around your house to use, in creating a cozy haven for you and your family. With no further ado, let us take you through a few mind blowing garden fence and privacy fence ideas that will add that extra zing to your garden or yard. 1-The Bicycle Fence All you need for this simple yet elegant garden fencing idea is some old bicycles or bicycle parts. And if you do not have enough bicycle parts at home, just ask your neighbors and friends! To create this rustic look, first erect a basic skeletal fence. Next, frame old bicycle and parts using fasteners, nuts and bolts to create a really cool looking fence. The final result will surprise you and your family, in a nice way, of course! 2-The Piano Key Fence Best used on an existing fence or a simple wood panel fence, this privacy fence idea is sure to garner a glance from passersby. The best part about erecting a piano key fence is that it requires very less effort and suits any type of garden. All you need to do is to paint the entire fence white, and then paint smaller solid black wood panels after every second or third white panel. Piano Key Fence Garden Ideas 3-The Ski Fence A perfect do it yourself garden fencing idea for a sports lover, this brilliantly colorful fence can be made out of up-cycled, used, or old skis. It can also be used to make an existing fence more eye-catching and colorful by drilling holes into the existing fence, and nailing the skis into the holes. So go ahead and befriend your ski loving neighbors – who knows they might have a handful of old skis lying around at their place! 4-The Carved Character Fence All you need for this extremely simple DIY project is some wooden garden fence panels and some basic tools to carve them with. You can also re-create your children’s favorite cartoon or super hero characters, write out letters, or even create a portrait of your family on your fence! This fence will bring a smile on your face and turn your garden into a “neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride”. 5-The Marble Fence All you need for this simple do it yourself garden fencing project is an existing wooden fence and some marbles that let light shine through them. Once you have the marbles, drill various sized bits into the existing wooden frame and using a mallet, pound in the marbles snugly into them. Voila! You have a dazzling marble fence that looks awesome in the light. 6-The Mural Fence Adding a mural to an existing fence can add a dash of creativity and color to your garden or yard. You can brighten up your existing fence by painting just anything that catches your fancy. Let your kids join in and have some fun while you paint your fence red! The Mural Fence 7-The Bamboo Fence Bamboo fences add a rustic touch to your garden or yard. You can easily create an unfinished and natural look by using bamboo poles and inexpensive materials. If you want more privacy, you can use longer bamboo poles. You can also erect the bamboo poles on an existing fence with the help of a few dozen nuts and bolts! 8-The Shutter Door Fence This extremely simple do it yourself fencing can be created using a handful of shutter doors of different shapes and sizes. The variation in their size and texture only adds more character to the unique design. You can pep up the final look a bit more by painting the shutter doors in various colors. This brilliant privacy fencing idea suits both the front and back yards. 9-The Pencil Crayon Fence A simple way to beautify a garden or classroom, the Pencil Crayon Fence can be made from a simple wooden fence – all you need to do is shave down the tips till they look like pencil points. You can paint each of the panels or ‘pencils’ in bright hues to make your fence stand out. Pencil Crayon Fence 10-The Chalkboard Fence If you have young kids, they will love the chalkboard fence. This is a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up the look of your fence while giving your kids a canvas to display their creativity. Simply paint your existing fence with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint and it’s ready for the children to scribble away! For a more sturdy effect and polished look, you can simply fix a ready-made chalkboard onto an existing fence. 11-The Reversed Direction Fence You can give a fresh look to your regular wooden fence by installing wooden panels in different directions. Apart from looking terrific, this fence design offers privacy at an affordable price. Paint them in different colors and you have a fence that will win you complements. 12-The Surfboard Fence This is a DIY garden fencing idea requires only a few simple tools. All you need to do is attach, up-cycled surfboards to an existing fence and you’re good to go. Enjoy your tropical garden fence. 13-The Old Road Sign Fence Ideal for those who are looking for more privacy, this brilliant garden fencing idea can really add the much coveted zing to your garden. You can find old road signs online, or at garage sales. Simply attach the signs to an existing fence and you’re done!
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